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The Benefits of a Pre-MBA Program

Now that you have decided to get a Master’s degree in business, you should know that some of the most important next steps you take will happen before you begin business school. A Pre-MBA program can help to ensure that these steps will best prepare you for your business education by helping you to:

1. Prepare for the demands of graduate business school.

Surprisingly, the most important skill business school will teach you is not marketing, finance, accounting, management or other business content. The most important skill business school will teach you is how to be an effective learner: how to take large amounts of information, analyze it, and make the best decisions possible in a short period of time. Today’s fast-paced business environment demands that business professionals learn quickly and effectively. A Pre-MBA program can help you develop these skills in English so that you can perform well in an American business program.

2. Learn about American academic culture.

In the same way that each country has its own culture, each country also has its own academic culture. Knowing what the cultural expectations are can help to prevent misunderstandings that sometimes happen when international students bring their own cultural practices to an American environment. A Pre-MBA program can help you learn and understand important cultural practices, including how to effectively:

  1. Participate in graduate business school classrooms;
  2. Communicate with professors and classmates;
  3. Handle conflicts or problems with others; and
  4. Ask for help, clarification or other assistance that you need.

3.Develop effective oral and written communication skills.

The ability to express ideas clearly is necessary in business school. Strong writing and business research skills are also critical, and students are expected to produce papers that follow the American rules of academic writing. A Pre-MBA program can help you develop these important skills in English.

4.Learn about American business.

Although you will gain a great amount of business knowledge in business school, a Pre-MBA program can provide you with a basic foundation in U.S business practices, concepts and communication, which will give you an advantage in business school.

5.Prepare for graduate admissions tests.

Students who have not yet taken the GMAT or who need to increase their test scores should choose a Pre-MBA program that offers strong preparation for all sections of the GMAT. A Pre-MBA program can help you learn not only to master the skills on the GMAT, but also to understand how you will use these skills in business school.

6.Get support from experienced academic advisors.

A Pre-MBA program can offer you strong advising support. Experienced academic advisors can assist you with clarifying your career goals, finding business schools that best match your goals, and preparing a strong application package that emphasizes your strengths. Experienced advisors play an important role in helping you to reach your academic and career goals.

A Pre-MBA program is a smart first step to becoming a knowledgeable, effective business professional.

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