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Esthetician Careers
Questions & Answers

What is an esthetician?
Esthetics, the nonmedical care of the skin, is a growing part of the health and beauty industry. Skin, that marvelous living fabric that covers and protects the human body, requires ongoing care to keep it healthy and beautiful. The professional with knowledge and skill to give esthetic services, an esthetician, is a highly valued treasure.

The esthetician's fingers convey strength, trust, and knowledge. When an esthetician is touching someone, there is a bonding, a caring, expressed that is missing in so many lives today. 

How will I know whether this is a possible career for me?
In most cases, graduates of esthetic programs have been interested in taking care of their own skin and finding ways to help others, many years before they actually take the step to begin training. They are usually good with their hands. They have the desire to nurture and help people feel better about themselves, which makes them feel better about themselves. Others may not know anything about esthetics and may not pay much attention to their own skin but are searching for a careerthat is more nurturing, that pays well, that has a variety of movement, and is less physically demanding than other careers.

How much will I earn as an esthetician?
As in any profession, you work your way up the pay scale. A salary should be given in order to guarantee a steady income while building a clientele. After your clientele is established, you will make a better income when you switch to commission. The commission on the services may start at 40% and go up gradually as you gain experience. The products you sell will give you additional commission. The amount you will make will fluctuate with the seasons. Some estheticians start off as low as $20k per year and a good experienced esthetician makes $60k or more per year. Some places will have benefits, but not all.

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