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Religious College
The Benefits of Attending a Religious College

Get an education! Be somebody! What are your plans for the future?

You've heard such phrases over and over. Have you made up your mind to listen? Family, friends, teachers, and ministers—all who have played an advisor's role regarding your future—know that without an education your opportunities for success are limited. Some of your advisors may have suggested vocational schools or apprenticeships. Such suggestions are good if they are right for you. But how do you determine what's right for you?

It's not an easy decision. That's why your choice should be made only after careful thought, consideration, and professional guidance.

If you are at a point where you know college is right for you, then you are ready to determine the type of college you want to go to. You've heard of the liberal arts college, the technical college, the Ivy League school, and the community college. Perhaps the thought has never crossed your mind, but the right college for you just may be the religious college. There are thousands who can testify that attending a religious school was a wonderful experience. Every year, more students are realizing that religious colleges are for plain folk and not just for spiritual leaders.

I am a lover of learning. I have a passion for philosophy and the arts. I was able to satisfy all my educational needs at a religious college. Religious colleges offer degree programs comparable to other colleges and universities, a general education curriculum alongside other specialty areas, and some even offer a variety of sports and social activities. Contrary to popular misconception, a religious school is not a boring, nothing-to-do-but-study type of place. There are lots of fun and engaging activities going on at religious colleges.

As an advocate of religious colleges, allow me to offer a list of characteristics that separate religious colleges from the others:

Religious-Centered Values & Beliefs
In comparison to the traditional college, a religious school will offer a God-centered philosophy that will protect your own values and beliefs. Every faculty member is committed to upholding the core values and statement of faith of the college. In that way, you can rely on the school to teach and adhere to Biblical principles.

Desirable Socialization
You can depend on religious colleges to seek students who are like-minded and will complement the beliefs and values of the college.

Privately Funded
Religious colleges are privately funded and are not operated by large, controlling financial bodies.

You can count on religious colleges to be a place where people care for one another as human beings.

Cost Conscious
It is a constant for religious colleges to seek private funding sources in order to keep the cost of tuition down.

High Academic & Spiritual Standards
A religious college offers a competitive academic curriculum in a spiritual environment.

A religious college just might be the best place for you to spend the next four years of your life. As you explore your options, realize that, like all schools, religious colleges are not all alike. Decide what you want and look for a school that suits your needs. Remember, investigate your options, be open-minded, and give the religious colleges an equal opportunity.

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