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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Homestay

For international students, an American homestay is a great choice for many reasons!  

  1. English Practice!  Most importantly, living with an American family requires you to practice your English outside of the classroom.   A homestay provides a complete immersion into English and the American culture.  The students that live in homestays see a lot of improvement in their conversation and listening skills.

  2. Personal Attention!  A homestay will provide you with the personal attention you will need to make adjustments while living in the USA.  Many host families have traveled a lot and understand what it is like to live in another country and speak another language.  Homestay families also value the exposure to different cultures and perspectives.  

  3. Learn about American culture and traditions!  A homestay is a great way to meet Americans and learn about American culture and traditions.  Living with a host family will give you the opportunity to really experience American culture.  Students who live with American families learn first hand about American holidays, traditions, foods, movies and music.  

  4. Trips and Outings!  Many families take students to the movies, shopping malls, sporting events, zoos, museums and nearby attractions. 

  5. Fewer obligations!  There are fewer financial obligations in a homestay.  Most homestay families do not require deposits or credit reports.  For international students who only plan on studying in the USA for a short time, a homestay does not require a six to 12-month commitment.

  6. Less money required!  Heat, water and other utilities are included in a homestay.  Most apartments and some dorms charge extra for heat, water and telephone access. 

  7. Safety and Space!  A homestay will provide you with a safe and comfortable place to live with a lot more room and space than other options such as dormitories or apartments.

  8. Internet Access and Cable TV!  Many homestay families also provide Internet access and Cable TV.

  9. Meals!  The homestay family will provide you with meals and access to laundry.  

  10. Furniture!  Living in a homestay also includes furnishings such as a bed, a desk and a lamp.   Some families even provide rooms with televisions, telephones and a private bathroom.  Many apartments come unfurnished with no furniture.

  Christine has studied and lived abroad in Germany and Costa Rica.  In both countries she chose to live with a homestay family and highly recommends the experience. 

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