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Higher Education in Oregon

Seven campuses and one affiliate with more than 325 different academic majors are just the starting points in discovering the breadth of opportunities that exist for international students at Oregon's public universities. Whether a student is interested in a small campus setting, an urban experience, or the unique environment of a larger university, the Oregon University System (OUS) offers a truly outstanding array of high-quality programs and opportunities for international students.

Oregon is located on the west coast of the United States, bordering the Pacific Ocean to the west, the states of California and Nevada to the south, Washington to the north, and Idaho to the east.

All OUS campuses offer first-rate faculty who provide research experiences that complement classroom instruction and learning. Honors courses, freshmen colloquia and seminars, and internships are offered at the seven campuses. Students graduating from OUS are clearly well-prepared for success.

Students from around the world come to Oregon for their college education. Currently, OUS campuses include almost 4,000 international students from more than 120 countries. The interaction of Oregon's best and brightest students with faculty and students from other parts of the world creates dynamic, diverse campus environments. This is the key to an excellent college education.

Oregon's public universities provide students with a diverse and rewarding number of social experiences through clubs, student associations, leadership opportunities, social organizations, and cultural/social events. These activities are part of the many choices available to students as part of their college experience. The diverse, beautiful geography of Oregon also attracts students and others from around the United States and the world. From the rocky, wild coastline to the fertile, green valleys to the high desert country and vast forests, Oregon is a natural wonderland. Students will find a broad array of outdoor sports to participate in, including skiing and snow boarding, wind-surfing, hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, as well as the traditional sports of soccer, football, basketball, track & field, tennis, baseball and many others. Oregon is also the home to many artists, and thus most towns offer rich cultural offerings from live musical performances to theatre to art galleries and even many local rodeos.

The rich combination of outstanding academic offerings and world-renowned research, along with student-centered programs, results in OUS universities being an excellent choice. Contact a campus admission representative to receive more information regarding your future at an OUS university. Go to www.ous.edu and click on Campuses and Centers to link directly to one or more of the seven OUS campuses: Eastern Oregon University; Oregon Institute of Technology; Oregon State University; Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, University of Oregon; and Western Oregon University.

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