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transfer to four-year institutionsWhether you are looking for a degree program or English language training, a city or a small town setting, we know that you will find the educational opportunities you are looking for in Wisconsin!

The state of Wisconsin offers a friendly and safe place to study and live. Wisconsin is located in the north central region of the United States, bordered by the famous Mississippi River, two Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, as well as the city of Chicago. The state of Wisconsin offers the perfect mix of exciting urban centers and beautiful, country landscape.

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest and most diverse city. Located on the shore of one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, Milwaukee is less than two hours north of Chicago. With a population of 1,700,000 people, Milwaukee has the best of what big city life has to offer: cultural events, nightlife, shopping and a wide variety of international restaurants. Milwaukee is home to a number of professional sporting teams, as well as internationally famous companies like Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Miller Brewing Company. Year-round festivals honor international music, art, food and culture. The biggest festival, Summerfest, is two weeks long and is considered the world’s largest celebration of music. Madison, the state capitol, is located in south central Wisconsin and houses the government of the state. Surrounded by five lakes, Madison is home to Wisconsin’s largest university. Additionally, there are many smaller communities that provide a more peaceful and relaxed place to call home. These small towns, spread throughout the state, provide easy access for the exploration of Wisconsin’s natural beauty throughout the year. 

Wisconsin has four distinct seasons and the climate varies significantly, allowing people a range of fun outdoor activities. Summers are usually sunny and hot. People take advantage of the warm weather by spending a lot of time outdoors biking, boating, swimming and hiking. In the winter, the weather becomes cold and it snows often, creating many opportunities for snowboarding, skiing, sledding and skating. These are just a few of the recreational activities that people enjoy year round in Wisconsin’s wilderness and waters.

Wisconsin universities and colleges are known world-wide for their academic excellence and educational innovation. Wisconsin universities and colleges have earned distinctions for quality and value from such esteemed publications as U. S. News & World Report, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Princeton Review and The New York Times.

There is a school in Wisconsin to meet the higher education needs of everyone. Are you seeking an academic degree program, a specialized certificate program, or an English language-training program? Choose from Wisconsin's

13 Comprehensive Universities
13 Freshman-Sophomore Colleges
20 Private and Independent Schools and Universities
52 Technical Colleges

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